JE DESIGN VW Touareg R-Line Widebody

Posted on 25 November 2011 by Tony Santos

2011 JE DESIGN VW Touareg R-Line Widebody

JE DESIGN GmbH, a German tuning firm specializing with Volkswagen cars has released a new widebody kit conversion for the VW Touareg R-Line SUV giving it a more outstanding and aggressive look and performance.

The VW Touareg R-Line already has a sporty look but JE Design was able to make it even sportier with the addition of a new sports grille, front spoiler, front and rear wheel arch kit, rear apron insert, and a tailgate panel for 4,641 euros MSRP. All of these components are precisely fitted and manufactured in polyurethane (PU) or fiber-reinforced composite materials. Adding up more aggressiveness to its look is the dual exhaust system with oval stainless steel tailpipes on both sides (120 x 85 mm) for 595 euros.

For the engine, JE Design was able to bump the output of the 4.2L TDI engine from 340 hp to 410 hp and the peak torque from 800 t0 930 Nm. These enable the new JE DESIGN VW Touareg R-Line Widebody to sprints from 0-62 mph in just 5.4 seconds instead of 5.8 seconds with the top speed increased from 150 to 167 mph. This performance kit cost 2,999 euros including a one year warranty for the engine, turbo charger, transmission, and power train, and can be extended to two years for an additional 199 euros. JE Design also provides a power enhancement program for the 3.0L DTI engine which increased its output from 240 hp to 285 hp.

JE Design provides a complete wheel/tire package for 5,190 euros for the new JE Design Touareg. This includes a set of 10×22 inch aluminum wheels wrapped in ultra-high-performance tires of size 295/30. These wheels are available in three different finishes; shadow silver with a polished front, matt black with a matt silver front, and matt graphite silver with polished edges. Furthermore, a wheel spacer kit (30 mm in front, 40 mm in the rear), available at 409 euros, ensures that the wheels fill the extended arches to achieve an optimum effect.

This wheel/tire package is complemented with the electronic suspension module which can lower the car by up to 35 mm for a price of 1428 euros.

Wrapping up the kit for the Touareg, JE Design offers a luxurious interior in contrast to its aggressive exterior. The interior features the entire dashboard, door panels, and the extensive roof liner all finished with Alcantara. JE DESIGN provides the respective TÜV Certificate for each customized component.

JE DESIGN VW Touareg R-Line Widebody:

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