2011 Citroen Tubik Concept

Posted on 08 November 2011 by Tony Santos

2011 Citroen Tubik Concept

With the launch of the Citroen’s Multicity Project, an online route-finder portal that provides a door-to-destination transport solution using all available modes – car, train, bus, plane etc.; Citroen has come up with the idea of building a car that will make travel meaningful and enjoyable. Meet the new Citreon Tubik Concept; a high-tech, high comfort, connected executive shuttle.

The new Citroen Tubik Concept is inspired by the company’s renowned Type H or ‘TUB’ van, but will all the prestigious styles and features of modern Citroen design. Tubik is 4.80m long, 2.08m wide and 2.05m tall; big enough to carry up to nine passengers. Its body is painted with two contrasting colors; the metallic grey of the body shell enveloping the pearlescent white at either end – which also mark the position of the diesel engine (at the front) and electric motor (at the rear) used by the full-hybrid diesel drivetrain.

Tubik incorporates two large doors which are barely visible when closed. The doors open upwards to provide access to the driver seat and the living area. While concealed at the back is the cleverly designed luggage area.

The driver gets a special treatment with Citroen ‘cyclotron’ module where seat, pedal assembly, steering wheel and curved head-up display grouped in one circular form. It also has a fingerprint recognition system and reversing and rear-view cameras for all-round visibility.

While for the living area, Tubik offers a lounge-style cocoon with seats that can be arranged in many different ways. The first row of seats lets two people sit facing the road or facing the other passengers. The middle row can seat up to three people or, alternatively, can be converted into a small table, be folded onto the last row to free up an area of almost 2m², or be folded out completely to create a meridienne-style seat – a configuration ideal for relaxation. Passengers then become spectators, taking advantage of the large multimedia screen in a semi-reclined position.

Tubik is both exceptionally spacious and environmentally conscious. With its Hybrid4 technology, CO2 emissions are close to those of a conventional saloon. The full-hybrid diesel drivetrain also offers more range than a stand-alone internal combustion engine and maximizes traction in four wheel drive mode – the front wheels being driven by the diesel engine and the rear wheels by the electric motor. The 22″ wheels feature deep, narrow, very low rolling resistance tires to further help optimize fuel consumption.

For the best combination of comfort and road-holding, Tubik features Citroen’s exclusive Hydractive suspension technology, which keeps the vehicle level regardless of load. At high speeds, Tubik is automatically lowered to promote aerodynamic performance, further reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

2011 Citroen Tubik Concept:

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