Upgrading Your Sports Car with Aftermarket Accessories

Posted on 22 September 2011 by Tony Santos

You drive a sports car because it grips pavement, hugs curves and turns heads, right? Why not boost your torque, increase horsepower and improve daily drivability in one fell swoop? Max out your ride’s potential by linking up a Superchips tuner to your engine. As a competitive leader in the Tuner Industry, Superchips instantly unleashes your vehicle’s performance with crazy fast acceleration, better fuel economy and more punch packed behind the gas pedal.

If you’re looking for gargantuan gains in engine power, bolt on a supercharger and stomp the competition all while your secret weapon is concealed under the hood. Not for the faint of heart, superchargers bring your ride to life by forcing concentrated oxygen straight to your engine’s lungs —giving you a knuckle-biting, teeth-clenching adrenaline rush. Get ready to live full-throttle and leave everyone else in the dust, when you race through time in your supercharged machine.

Tap into your ride’s full potential with a serious upgrade to your exhaust system. Bolt on a Corsa cat-back performance exhaust underneath your whip and experience smooth firing speed, better fuel economy and maximum airflow. You’ll tear up the asphalt with an easy to install Corsa cat-back, that’s proudly designed, constructed and made in the USA. And, for an ultra-premium driving experience, Corsa fine-tunes your exhaust to give you an aggressive sound that perfectly matches your make and model’s personality.

Corvette C6 Exhaust: Stock vs Stainless Works Cat Back Exhaust – Sound Clip

A final way to resurrect your ride is by mounting one of our cold air intakes under the hood. Custom-designed for your vehicle, a cold air intake blasts cold bursts of air straight to your engine, for maximum airflow and optimal performance under pressure. So, make your ride a serious player on the track and take it to the next level with a cold air intake cooling its fiery core.

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