MAE Design Mercedes-Benz CL & SLS

Posted on 25 September 2011 by Tony Santos

2011 MAE Design Mercedes-Benz CL & SLS

MAE Design, a German tuner under the management of Tuning original Yuksel Akkus is back with a new line of accessories for Mercedes Benz CL and SLS. Customers can opt for a range of rim choices, suspension systems, exhaust systems while a new body kit is under consideration.

MAE offers traditional wheel rims which include the brand new “Majestic” wheel with strong turbine looks and has screwed-on rotor blades. The wheel rim can be delivered with flat and fine double-stage bed. It is available in widths from 8 to 14 inch; the diameter range goes from 20-24 inch.

MAE has also re-launched the popular “Crown Jewel” wheels with sizes ranging up to a vicious 7.5 inches outer bed. The black CL 500 uses fine wheels in the sizes of 11.5×20 inch in front and 12.5×20 inch at the rearaxle wrapped in Michelin tires in 285/25 and 305/25.

And last but not the least is the new “Crownia” wheels which give the Mercedes-Benz SLS a more aggressive look with its dimensions of 9.5 and 11.5×22 inch. Wrapped in 315/25 rear tires and 265/30 at the frontaxle, traction will never be a problem.

Aside from these rim designs, MAE also offers new remote-controlled lowering modules for serial air-suspension car bodies. The car can be lowered by the push of a button. Along with these are new stainless steel exhaust systems offered in three different volume stages.

MAE is on the process of developing a new body kit to be introduced on the market for selected Mercedes vehicles in autumn.

Mercedes-Benz CL & SLS by MAE Design

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