Report: Ford targets higher hybrid output

Posted on 28 July 2011 by Tony Santos

It seems like the market is changing with different desires for cars. People looking to buy a new motor from car dealers Evans Halshaw could find themselves presented with more hybrid models to purchase in the near future, as Ford targets US and UK markets alike with more eco-friendly cars to oppose the State-side trend of less-economical and large-engine automatic offerings.

A recent report by motor specialist Scott Burgess for the Detroit News – situated in the home city of Ford – explained that the company is taking major steps with its research and innovation centre. It was explained that Ford’s hybrid powertrains and battery packs are now nigh-on indestructible. Out of the 42,629,318 cells used to make the 190,000 battery packs, just five of them failed.

Of the 380,000 electric motors in Ford’s 190,000 hybrids sold, not a single one has failed. With this in mind, it seems pretty obvious for Ford to take a great leap forward and introduce the technology to more cars in the future. The commercial aspects of its hybrid fleet, for example, are doing very well; in San Francisco alone, taxis have driven 80 million miles on Ford hybrids.

However, Mr Burgess asserted that consumers “couldn’t care less how a car works – only that it works well”. Hybrid buyers in particular are demanding problem-free vehicles that are “built well inside and out”. While Ford has seen hybrid sales grow, they have still not registered a huge number of transactions. As the federal government continues to offer more and more tax incentives to hybrid car owners to take advantage of in their tax prep routine, the popularity of hybrid vehicles continues to grow.

Speaking to the Detroit News, automotive analyst for the research firm AutoPacific Inc Dave Sullivan said: “For many people, hybrids and electric cars are almost like halo cars – they draw more people to the dealership, but not everyone buys them.”

Whatever happens, Ford is very comfortable in its technology. It stands to reason that they would continue to push them in the knowledge that they are a safe bet for drivers around the world, even if it is just for reliability alone. After all, that’s what car buyers on both sides of the Atlantic are after; however, it just depends on the long-term cost-savings of the technology. With hybrid models often costing more than their regular petrol-powered pals, the money needs to filter back over the course of years or even months.

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