Ford Bands In Transit Features Marques Toliver Performs “Deep In My Heart”

Posted on 31 July 2011 by Tony Santos

A perfect way to salute legendary Ford’s Transit is to showcase what have happened behind the van for the fast years that brought us some our well-loved artists and breakthrough new comers. And to honor such contributions, Ford brings an exclusive content from The Great Escape festival in Brighton, this time featuring Marques Toliver performs “Deep In My Heart” for Bands In Transit session. We got the video after the break, just follow the strings of the violin then we know “deep in your heart, it’s right”.

Ford’s Bands In Transit features artists like Monument Valley, Ed Sheeran, Alex Clare, Marques Toliver, Alessi’s Ark, Bear’s Den, Communion, Dog is Dead, Kyla La Grange, Cloud Control, Guillemots and Tribes.

You can go through some of the Transit sessions and webisodes, and sign up for updates of new featured artists through Ford’s

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