Cars that are kept off the road might have to be insured under possible new laws

Posted on 13 July 2011 by Tony Santos

Ireland might be set to follow the UK’s example of introducing law that makes it a criminal offence to own a car that is not insured. If the legislation was introduced it would be the latest in a range of changes that has been brought in that effects how the enforcement of uninsured driving in the country is monitored.

It is estimated that approximately 100,000 uninsured cars are in the State, which totals 5 per cent of all vehicles in the country. In 2010, 59 million euro was paid out by the Motor Insurers Bureau to 3,484 victims that were involved in collisions with motorists driving without insurance.

The department of Transport are believed to be looking in to introducing a requirement for car owners to have continuous motor insurance in Ireland, whether vehicles are on the road or not.

The insurance industry has welcomed the introduction of continuous insurance as something that they would be interested in. However, they questioned whether the information that is currently held on databases was up to date enough for the system to be introduced in the near future.

Currently under Irish law, motorists are only required to register a vehicle as being off the road, therefore not needing to be insured.  The UK recently introduced a law that makes it an offence to own an uninsured car, even if it is kept in a garage or parked up permanently and kept off the road.

This is the legislation that Ireland may look to introduce.

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