2011 LPE Black Camaro Dyno Testing

Posted on 29 May 2011 by Tony Santos

Lingenfelter Black Camaro SS Dyno Testing

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE), a company based in Decatur, Indiana and founded by John Lingenfelter has released a video featuring its another high performance automobile modifications on one of GM vehicles, the 2011 Black Camaro SS.

The 2011 LPE Black Camaro SS is packed with high performance upgrades that include a Lingenfelter drag race shock absorber package 427 CID LSX engine, revised pedders, Lingenfelter CNC ported, GM LS3 six bolt cylinder heads, face plated TR6060 Trans by RPM Transmissions, strain gauged shifter and an LPE (LNC-TC1) 2-step with shift torque cut. These allow Black Camaro SS to delivers power around 1,200 hp.

The video you’re about to see features the 2011 LPE Black Camaro SS dyno testing completing a WOT 3-4 shift with both stages of nitrous, tuning both the initiation and duration of the torque cut. Mustang dyno set in vehicle simulation mode, shifting at 7200 rpm with 1200 + rwhp in a 4100+ lb vehicle.

LPE is about to release a track video so stay tuned.

2011 LPE Black Camaro Dyno Testing:
Source: YouTube via LingenfelterVideo

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