Top Ten Concept Cars of 2011

Posted on 26 April 2011 by Tony Santos

Every year, the most exciting part about car shows around the world are its concept cars. This year is definitely no different. With a strong showing of concept cars, we round off the top ten concept cars of 2011.

The Audi e-tron

Looking like a thing out of Tron altogether, this electric concept car debuted in the Detroit auto show with sleek metal lines that make the TT look like a Volkswagen Beetle. The e-tron isn’t slated for production, but the design of the car is said to be used in Audi’s upcoming R4.


Mini Rocketman

This Mini’s design earns its name. With double hinged doors, spacious seats and an awesome design, the Mini Rocketman is something you’d want to fly off to space with.


Toyota FT-86 II/ Subaru Boxer Sports Car

This concept from Toyota has a D-4S Boxer engine, a lightweight body and a low center of gravity not tom mention a short wheel base, making it a fun car to drive and a good looking one too.


Citroen Survolt

This electric concept from rally racing giant Citroen lives true to its name with the ability to generate 300 horsepower with twin electric motors. Silent racing may be the future of rally cars thanks to this car.


Jaguar C-X75

This stunning Jag looks like the old XJ220 but unlike its old counterpart, it’s powered by electricity with top speeds said to be reaaching 205 mph.


Peugeot SR1

This hybrid car has a masculine shape and also features a a centered third seat. Although its design won’t make it to production, its propulsion system is said to show up in the 3008 Hybrid crossover.


Saab Phoeniz

This concept is highly innovative and efficient. With an aero-motional design, this car can simply cut through air.


Alfa Romeo 3C FTA Concept

This car is relatively light, making it a good racing car and with a design to melt for.


Renault Dezir

This concept car from Renault is not only sexy, it’s totally green, using electric powertrain technology. Its outstanding style and design is jaw dropping from fear and front hinged scissor doors to quilted white leather interior.


Porsche 918 Spyder

Perhaps the most impressive of them all is the Porsche 918 Spyder. With all the electric and hybrid concepts, this beats them all. With four driving modes, this Spyder can rival the performance of a Carrera GT. How? A 500-plus -hp 3.4-liter V-8 boosted by not one but three electric motors. Need we say more?

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