Giving Your Car a Proper Clean

Posted on 04 April 2011 by Tony Santos

Car Cleaning Tips

Using a pressure washer is the most professional and thorough way to clean a car. Using pressure washers will help easily remove the most stubborn debris and stains all around every part of any car.

Apply Water to Car

A person should first fully soak the entire car with water at low pressure. He should start with the roof, and then work down to spray the trunk, hood, windows, fender panels, and then the tires and wheels. If the car hasn’t been recently waxed, the water won’t bead up on the vehicle but this is perfectly okay. Just soak it thoroughly.

Add Liquid Soap Detergent

Using either a section of the washer hose or pouring it on by hand, douse the car with liquid cleaning detergent. Use a a chamois or smooth sided rag or towel to thoroughly coat the car’s entire surface with soap. If using the washer adapter, spray on the liquid detergent only using the lowest pressure possible so the soap doesn’t scatter and fall off the vehicle. Then the soap and water mixture needs to be allowed to sit and soak into the car for at least eight to ten minutes before anything else is yet done. It’s best if the car isn’t washed out directly under the hot sun if possible.

Rub Out Caked on Debris and Stains

After waiting the required amount of time, use a clean chamois or soft towel to rub out any caked on debris or soiled areas on the car’s paint sections including the roof, trunk and hood. The same can be done to clean off any dirty areas of the wheels and bumpers or fenders. For very dirty stains on tires, it’s best to use stainless steel pads soaked in some water and vigorously brush out any stains that are present. Let stand another five to seven minutes for a thorough soaking process to set in on the overall car.

Use Low Pressure on the Car

Now get the washing hose and make certain to only set it on low pressure. Start rinsing off all the liquid soap and water mixture. Using medium or high pressure is not good since this will only scatter the soap and water and will also harm the delicate paint or chrome surface of the wheels, if any. Clean thoroughly with the washer starting from the roof and working downwards across all the windows, the windshield, the back window, then onto the trunk, hood, fenders, tires and wheels. Also, use the washer to spray out any debris caked onto the underside of the wheel wheels near the exhaust pipes. No soap needs to be applied there.

Just set the pressure washer gun on a medium setting so it can easily remove all of the accumulated dirt on the car’s undercarriage. When washing off the entire car, always remember to start at the top of the car, meaning the roof first. This is so that the fresh, clean water from the washer starts to smoothly drip and begins to clean off all adjacent areas even before the spray hose reaches those sections of the car. Wash it all off and then use another clean chamois to dry off the just washed car.

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