Ford vehicles ready for extreme road conditions

Posted on 21 April 2011 by Tony Santos

Shown above is the kind of road you don’t wish to get on to, but sometimes or most of the time we have no choice but to take this pitiful kind of road to reach our destination. But is your car ready for this?

Taking this circumstance into consideration, Ford is testing all of their vehicles on miles of specifically re-created potholes and and damaged surfaces to replicate extreme road conditions. Ford have this kind of testing track at Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium and Michigan Proving Ground in the United States. The data acquired here will help Ford on designing the toughest suspension systems for their vehicles thus extending it lifetime.

“We have created some of the worst potholes in Europe on our own test track. If our cars can pass these tests, then they can cope with almost anything they encounter on public roads,” said Eric-Jan Scharlee, technical specialist for Durability Testing at Lommel Proving Ground. “You name the road surface, we have it at our proving ground.”

Ford Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium:

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