Volkswagen Recalls 20 Beetles

Posted on 02 March 2011 by Tony Santos

2010 Volkswagen Beetle

Twenty new beetles have been recalled by Volkswagen due to a simple reason.Volkswagen replaced those recalled vehicles unusually with identical ones for the reason that they don’t comply with a crash-test regulations that was recently changed and became a conflict to the date those Volkswagen Beetles were made.

To stretch things further, according to the crash-test regulations, starting September 1, all vehicles sold in the United States had to be crash tested at 35 mph. And unluckily for Volkswagen those 20 beetles were built between September 1 and September 22 but were crash tested at only 30 mph.

Sheriece Matias, Volkswagen spokeswoman said that those 20 units will be taken off the road legally.

Customers will be given the cars that were crash tested at only 30 mph but the difference is that these cars were built before Sept.1 when a 30 mph test was legal. The recall covers a total of 27 units, 20 of which are out on the road, said Matias.

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