Mansory Cormeum based on Mercedes SLS AMG

Posted on 25 March 2011 by Tony Santos

Mansory Cormeum

Mansory, a tuning firm known for its astounding modification on Rolls-Royce Phantom known as the Conquistador, has its come back at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, with their latest tuning kit for Mercedes SLS AMG, the Mansory Cormeum.

To achieve the maximum efficiency of Mercedes SLS AMG, team Mansory modified almost the entire body and replaced it with ultra-light materials resulting to a 90 kg weight reduction. These includes a new front skirt that replaces the serial bumper allowing for reduced uplift force at the front axle. Larger air inlets coupled with a new bonnet gives the Cormeum better ventilation and a more dynamic stance. The front and rear mudguards were also replaced with broader and lighter ones giving Cormeum a 66 mm (front axle) and 84 mm (rear axle)  increased in dimensions. Cormeum also offers new side skirts, new apron, race diffuser and a new rear spoiler.

Mansory Cormeum rides on a set of unique forged wheels with central locking measuring 9×20 inches (front axle) and 11×21 inches (rear axle) wrapped in Michelin 265/30er tires at the front and 295/25er tires at the rear axle. Its new springs and dampers, lowers Cormeum’ s centre of gravity by 20 mm.

The high-performance compressors combined with a new sports air filter and stainless steel exhaust system gives the Cormeum 6.2L V8 engine with outstanding performance of 660 hp and a maximum torque at 4850 rpm.

For the interior, it offers a newly designed center console, a newly developed full size airbag sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals and real carbon applications.

The MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH solely offers its own refining accessories. MANSORY does not trade finished cars and also does not sell such.

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