Bugatti Veyron for $89,000?

Posted on 14 March 2011 by Tony Santos

Mercury Cougar Bugatti Veyron

Maybe you’re wondering if this is for real, well at first glance maybe you would, but what you’re seeing is just a replica of a Bugatti Veyron built from a Mercury Cougar.

It was offered on an auction for a very low starting bidding price of $89,000 as compared to the actual Veyron which is approximately $1,000,000.

The two cars may look similar but they are exact opposite of each other in terms of style and performance. The Veyron is a four-wheel-drive car powered by a 16-cylinder engine making 987 bhp while the 2002 V6 Cougar used in the replica is a front-wheel drive car only capable of making 168 bhp.

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