Volkswagen London Taxi Concept

Posted on 05 February 2011 by Tony Santos

Volkswagen London Taxi Concept

It’s been an environmental start of the year, why we said that? If this V-dub Taxi concept could go all street of Europe or possibly worldwide –we’re talking about killing the main source of global warming and air pollution. V-dub have just unveiled the latest evolution of its plan for zero-emission transportation with the Volkswagen London Taxi Concept based on upcoming Up! city car.

How efficient Volkswagen London Taxi Concept could be, well, on full charge it can go on average of 186 miles. That’s ultimately efficient, running the car is an electric motor powered by 45 kW/h lithium-ion batteries generating 113-hp that tops speed of 74 mph.

However, “the concept doesn’t adhere to current legal requirements regulating taxis in London it does offer an insight into the possibility of a future small, efficient taxi that offers an alternative to conventional fuels”, according to Volkswagen –hinting that we need to cross our fingers. But don’t lose hope, according to Klaus Bischoff, the company’s head of design the London Taxi Concept is being “deeply considered” for production in 2013 and could go global.

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