How to Sell a Used Car

Posted on 23 February 2011 by Tony Santos

How to Sell a Used Car

When selling a used car, rather than selling to a dealer you can make more money by private transactions. And this post, will let you know how you can sell your used car quickly and make more money as possible.

In order to make the process smoothly, you should think of putting yourself on the buyer shoes that means you’re looking for the best. And to make everything looks perfectly, you should present your car clean or preferably wax it and fix/clear everything unnecessary before showing it to potential buyer. The physical looks create a dimension that’s everything is okay and may appraise the value of your car. After working outside, check everything under-the-hood by consulting a mechanic to examine your car to test for possible problems that may limit your asking price. This will limit potential buyer to lower their prices by claiming that the car have major problems.

After your consultation on your mechanic about the car value appraisal, you can do research online i.e. for real comparative pricing for your car model. On this you’ll have the capacity to add a little on your price so you can easily bargain prices to your buyer.

Social networking sites could be your main medium right now such facebook or twitter on getting your car out of your garage, however you can consider the traditional posting on your window car or displaying bulletin message. You can also check some online car listing sites. Be sure to include recent photos and highlight your cars selling points like the car’s great condition, low-mileage and other custom tune-ups if there is.

Sometimes some buyer wants to test drive your car, now normally you should check if the buyer have a valid driver’s license. And to keep on the safe side, keep the keys of the potential buyer in exchange.

Ensure that you have the proper documents like the title,  a bill of sale or vehicle transfer form, up-to-date emissions certification, registration and a release of liability form –this will help you process an immediate buyer and limits the process of paper works.

Now if luckily you have accomplished a sale, be sure not to accept payment in installments or prefer cash or a certified check. Fill out necessary documents, such bill of sale, the title and liability form (DMV).

It’s recommended that you remove all personal things on the car and importantly the license plate so you’ll not be liable for potential problems may occur. At same way you should also cancel your car insurance if there is, so you won’t be responsible if anythings happen to it or you can tagged “Car is sold in ‘as is’ condition without any guarantee or warranty” to the bill of sale.

If I have to sell my car or you want buy my car I know I’ll not have any problem just by following this simple steps.

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