Porsche Cajun Compact SUV Confirmed

Posted on 21 December 2010 by Tony Santos

Porsche Cajun Compact=

The successful Porsche’s Cayenne in the SUV line, confirmed that the company is moving another model series to production, according to Supervisory Board of Porsche. And this time, we can wait till the Porsche Cajun compact SUV hit the street.

This efficient and sporty model will further expand the world’s most successful Porsche segment in the SUV sector,” Porsche said in a statement. “In addition to the new Cayenne, which has clearly consolidated its market position as the most successful sporty SUV in the premium segment, the ‘Cajun’ will also have a very positive impact with its typical Porsche features such as light weight, ease of handling and agility. As an attractive entry model in the Porsche world, the ‘Cajun’ will attract new and even younger customers to the premium brand along with the Boxster, the market leader in the segment of two-seater, mid-size sports cars.

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