Ford adding 100 China dealers as sales climb

Posted on 16 December 2010 by Tony Santos

The Ford Motor Co. has announced on November 25th, 2010 that they will be adding around 100 dealers in China and they will mostly be located in smaller cities of China and inland provinces where the demand for new cars is on its way up, fast. The objective of this move as explained by Joe Hinrichs, president of the Ford’s Asia and Pacific operations is to increase the number of Ford dealers in the country of China to 340 which is significantly more than the previous target of 310.

In this comparatively aggressive plan compared to the one before, the Ford Motor Co. decides to introduce four new models in China spanning over the next few years which includes the Ford Edge crossover happening in the next month. This 2011 model of Ford Edge is basically a sports utility vehicle and is a 6-speed automatic transmission car with an engine of 3.5 Liter V6 and will be priced at $27,220.

So far, this second biggest automobile manufacturer in the United States has included 40 dealerships in China and plans to include 26 more in conclusion to this year in order to meet the demand in the world’s largest market for automobiles.

This automaker from Michigan is basically targeting the automobile markets in countries like China and India where disposable incomes are rising due to increased economic activity leading to rising demand for automobiles. In fact, the Ford Motor Co. also expects to get almost 70 percent of its growth from these areas of Asia and Pacific in the next ten years meaning that automobile growth is expected to rise here. Up until October of this year, Ford’s sales rose to 39 percent to 468,754 vehicles and the company is expected to enjoy record sales this year in China and the Asia Pacific region. While the sales growth in China has been fastest for the past six months, the passenger vehicle sales have been to 38 percent to a record.

Ford and their joint venture of Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co. have announced their plans to build a new plant in the city of Chongqin in southwestern China and are also planning to set up a new engine plant in the same city. At the same time, this automobile manufacturer is planning to invest $500 million in India and have already started to sell a new small car there.

On the other hand, General Motors Co. is also doing the same thing, increasing dealerships in China and in the same proportion as Ford Motors Co. They plan to increase the number of dealerships in China by 100 by the first half of next year along with their partner SAIC Motor Corp. to sell the new brand Baojun cars. The General Manager of General Motors Co. releases this bit of information via an email here on Nov. 23 so it can safely be predicted that GM is also expecting an increase in the sales of their cars in the coming year of 2011.

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