2012 Audi A6

Posted on 29 December 2010 by Tony Santos

2012 Audi A6

Audi have just officially cut the ribbon for the new 2012 Audi A6 giving valuable details together with high-resolution photos. Audi’s A6 “groundbreaking solutions in every area of technology” will be dropped early 2011. You can’t go wrong to what A6 will fit you, as it will be available in five engine choices, including gasoline and TDI diesel models that’s capable of kicking from 177hp to 300hp.

The new Audi A6 powered by 3.0 TFSI unit making 300hp and 324 lb-ft torque is considered the top of the line when it comes to speed category allowing the A6 to go from 0-62mph is 5.5 seconds with top speed of 155mph. On the other side, the new Audi A6 running 2.0 TDI 4-cylinder making 177-hp with a maximum torque of 280 lb-ft is the most efficient however, it allows A6 to 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds with top speed of 142mph. Now that’s 4.9 liters per 100km(EU) or 48mpg (US).

Accordingly with the announcement of A6, there will be also a hybrid version that will be unveiled later, this is the second hybrid from Audi after the Q5 Hybrid quattro. So far, we have any further details, but egmcartech renders that “Power for the Audi A6 Hybrid comes from a 2.0 TFSI engine making 211-hp, which works together with an electric motor that delivers 45-hp and 155.63 lb-ft of torque. The system sends power to the front wheels via a modified 8-speed tiptronic transmission. 0-62 mph comes in 7.3 seconds with a top speed of 148 mph. Audi says that the A6 Hybrid can travel at speeds of up to 62 mph purely on electricity and at a constant speed of 37.28 mph for up to 1.8 miles. Fuel-economy wise the Audi A6 Hybrid averages 6.2 liters per 100 km – or 38 U.S. mpg.”

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