Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Drives

Posted on 06 July 2010 by Tony Santos

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There are many dangerous roads in the world but some bring a true spark of fear to those who have experienced them. With some labelled as “Road of Death”, “Devils Backbone” and “Highway from Hell”; which are truly deserving of being in the worlds top 10 list.

A new breed of thrill seeker after the ultimate adventure is travelling the world looking for roads where peril awaits them at every corner, adrenaline fuelled speed and dizzying heights fuel the danger and personal safety can’t be guaranteed

Here are the top 10 most dangerous and unforgiving roads in the world (descending order):

1: Jungas Road (The Road of Death); the number one most dangerous road in the world and a most deserving candidate due to the 61-69km stretch of treacherously steep and high altitude road with no guard rails to protect you from the 2000ft drops. Before the introduction of an alternative route, thought to be responsible for between 2-300 deaths every year.


2: Sichuan Highway; perhaps China’s most deadly road, responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people over the last 25 years. The 2412km stretch of highly elevated road sees many rockslides and avalanches making it extremely treacherous; with a spectacular panorama and many spectacular rivers to behold, a beautiful but extremely deadly road.


3: Russia’s Lena Highway (Highway from Hell); In one of the coldest populated areas of Russia, this road has hazard a plenty in winter but nothing to what it sees in summer when it becomes a literal mud bath rendering travel practically impossible. With 1000 car traffic jams a common occurrence looting, kidnapping and general crime are rife.


4: Guoliang Road Tunnel; Built several decades ago by a Taihing Mountain tribe – causing the loss of many a tribesman during the process – a spectacular road quite literally hewn from the surrounding the rock. Spectacular scenery surrounds but don’t let this distract you from your driving as the sheer drops and stone walls can be very unforgiving to those who don’t show the proper respect.


5: James Dalton Highway; seen in the “Ice Road Truckers” TV show, an extremely remote road with limited visibility, a treacherously slippery surface with hazards such as rocks flung from passing lorries and potholes galore just waiting to end your journey prematurely. If you’re brave enough to try it, make sure you pack extra fuel, plenty of supplies and several layers of warm clothing.


6: Halsema Highway; another offering with rock and mudslides a plenty, narrow stretches lacking guard rails and – with 1000ft+ drops – one to be very careful when traversing. Many an inexperienced driver has overturned their vehicle here, the lucky ones living to tell the tale.


7: Van Zyl’s Pass; A track in the Marienfluss valley, Africa, passing up through steep terrain in which boulders and rocks are strewn around the landscape. Coupled with ravines waiting for the inexperienced driver and the surrounding badlands, this is a difficult drive even for the locals and many a jeep has been overturned; ultimately worth it for the spectacular views over the Marienfluss valley (created by a glacier during the last ice age).


8: Karakoram Highway; seen by locals as the 9th wonder of the world, this 1300km stretch of road is certainly an engineering triumph. Connecting China and Pakistan (and responsible for the deaths of 892 workers during construction) this, the highest paved road in the world, remains extremely perilous due to landslides and floods; the last of which created a 22km long lake which still remains.


9: Leh-Manali Highway; with some of the worlds highest mountain passes (ranging from2-3 miles above sea level) winding through a 478km stretch, a deadly road to traverse. Dangers include; snowstorms, landslides and no guardrails in places – should only be attempted with a skilled, local driver and a 4 wheel drive.


10: Mex-40 (The Devils Backbone); taking around 5-6 hours to traverse and consisting of many tight curves, sheer drops and thundering lorries – a hair raising experience at the best of times. Trucks travel confidently along the road – sometimes taking the whole of the road to manoeuvre around the bends – forcing unwitting drivers ever closer to the unguarded edge.

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